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Make a Report

At Chiesi, we take very seriously our commitment in relation to transparency and compliance.
To help us to discover and address any possible violation of laws or regulations or misconduct that could put Chiesi business or reputation at risk or cause damage to third parties, we welcome and encourage the reporting of such matters.

We care about your privacy! "SpeakUp&BeHeard" platform is structured to ensure the highest level of protection and confidentiality, in complicance with applicable data protection laws and regulations (please, check Chiesi privacy notice here).

We can provide an assurance that reporters will always be protected: we are committed to protect all reporters against any form of discrimination and/or retaliation in connection with reports made in good faith.

Please select from the list below the Affiliate you consider to be involved in the conduct/event being reported. If that Affiliate is not included in the list, please select “Chiesi Corporate”. If you believe that consideration of your report at a local level may jeopardise a fair assessment and outcome (for example, due to a conflict of interest), you can select “Chiesi Corporate”.

Check Your Report Status

Once we receive your report, we triage, assess and could send you clarification requests.

You can check the status of your report by clicking the button “Report” below and following the instructions provided.

What Happens After I Make a Report?

Once we receive your report, we triage, assess and could send you clarification requests in line with our policies on whistleblowing management.